How it All Began...

"We have found the Messiah"

These words have been fulfilled in our lifetime when we attended a retreat, attended a Bible study, or attended a spiritual conference. Well, hopefully, through these experiences, we, like St Andrew, find the Messiah. So what do we do now? Well, again, like St Andrew, we run to our brothers and tell them of the great news of finding the Messiah!

So, in the spirit of St. Andrew, we who have experienced finding the Messiah joined together to form the St. Andrew Men's Ministry to be a catalyst to run out to our brothers to let them know that we have found the Messiah. We do this by sharing our spiritual encounters of Christ with others through Bible Studies, Retreats, and especially Men's Conferences. The St. Andrew Men's Ministry is dedicated to sharing the news of Christ with all our brothers.

Come and see...

John 1:35-43